Ira (I´ruh; Heb., “a male ass”)

Name of three officials of the Davidic period. 1 A (nonlevitical) priest (2Sam 20:26). 2 Two others were among David’s warriors (2Sam 23:26; 2Sam 23:28; 1Chr 11:28; 1Chr 11:40; 1Chr 27:9). 3 Some of the ancient biblical translations identify the priest Ira with one of David’s warriors.

2Sam 20:26

26and Ira the Jairite was also David's priest.

2Sam 23:26

26Helez the Paltite; Ira son of Ikkesh of Tekoa;

2Sam 23:28

28Zalmon the Ahohite; Maharai of Netophah;

1Chr 11:28

28Ira son of Ikkesh of Tekoa, Abiezer of Anathoth,

1Chr 11:40

40Ira the Ithrite, Gareb the Ithrite,

1Chr 27:9

9Sixth, for the sixth month, was Ira son of Ikkesh the Tekoite; in his division were twenty-four thousand.

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