Parosh (Pay´rosh; Heb., “flea”)

1 The head of a family returning from exile with Zerubbabel (Ezra 2:5; Neh 7:8) after being exiled under Artaxerxes (Ezra 8:3). Some members of the family had married foreign women (Ezra 10:26); another descendant, Pedadiah, led repairs near the Water Gate (Neh 3:25-26). 2 A signatory to the covenant of Nehemiah (Neh 10:14); some conclude that this person is a descendant of the clan designated in 1. 3 Word occurring in (1Sam 24:14; 1Sam 26:20 “a single flea”) as a metaphor for a very minor irritation and target.

Ezra 2:5

5Of Arah, seven hundred seventy-five.

Neh 7:8

8the descendants of Parosh, two thousand one hundred seventy-two.

Ezra 8:3

3of the descendants of Shecaniah. Of Parosh, Zechariah, with whom were registered one hundred fifty males.

Ezra 10:26

26Of the descendants of Elam: Mattaniah, Zechariah, Jehiel, Abdi, Jeremoth, and Elijah.

Neh 3:25-26

25Palal son of Uzai repaired opposite the Angle and the tower projecting from the upper house of the king at the court of the guard. After him Pedaiah son of Pa ... View more

Neh 10:14

14The leaders of the people: Parosh, Pahath-moab, Elam, Zattu, Bani,

1Sam 24:14

14Against whom has the king of Israel come out? Whom do you pursue? A dead dog? A single flea?

1Sam 26:20

20Now therefore, do not let my blood fall to the ground, away from the presence of the Lord; for the king of Israel has come out to seek a single flea, like one ... View more

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