Persepolis (Puhr-sep´uh-lis)

Persian city mentioned in (2Macc 9:2) as a place whose temples Antiochus IV attempted to rob. This incident demonstrated the impiety evident in Antiochus’s attack on the Jewish Temple at Jerusalem (ca. 175 BCE), an impiety that resulted in his death in (2Macc 5:21, 2Macc 7:19).

2Macc 9:2

2He had entered the city called Persepolis and attempted to rob the temples and control the city. Therefore the people rushed to the rescue with arms, and Antio ... View more

2Macc 5:21

21So Antiochus carried off eighteen hundred talents from the temple, and hurried away to Antioch, thinking in his arrogance that he could sail on the land and w ... View more

2Macc 7:19

19But do not think that you will go unpunished for having tried to fight against God!”

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