The bottom part of a door frame, over which one steps when entering a building or a city. Guards were posted at the threshold of the Temple (Ezek 46:2); these were priests (2Kgs 12:10) or Levites (2Chr 34:9), and one of their duties was to receive donations from people entering the Temple (2Kgs 22:4). Zephaniah condemns those who jump over the threshold of the Temple (Zeph 1:9), possibly because it was an idolatrous practice. The priests of Dagon in Ashdod would not tread on the threshold to Dagon’s temple, since the image of Dagon had fallen on it when the captured Ark of the Lord had been placed in the temple (1Sam 5:4-5).

Ezek 46:2

2The prince shall enter by the vestibule of the gate from outside, and shall take his stand by the post of the gate. The priests shall offer his burnt offering ... View more

2Kgs 12:10

10Whenever they saw that there was a great deal of money in the chest, the king's secretary and the high priest went up, counted the money that was found in the ... View more

2Chr 34:9

9They came to the high priest Hilkiah and delivered the money that had been brought into the house of God, which the Levites, the keepers of the threshold, had ... View more

2Kgs 22:4

4“Go up to the high priest Hilkiah, and have him count the entire sum of the money that has been brought into the house of the Lord, which the keepers of the th ... View more

Zeph 1:9

9On that day I will punish
all who leap over the threshold,
who fill their master's house
with violence and fraud.

1Sam 5:4-5

4But when they rose early on the next morning, Dagon had fallen on his face to the ground before the ark of the Lord, and the head of Dagon and both his hands w ... View more

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