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  • Dvora E. Weisberg

    Dvora E. Weisberg Associate Professor,  Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion

    Dvora E. Weisberg is associate professor of rabbinic literature and director of the School of Rabbinic Studies at Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles. Her publications include several articles and a book on levirate marriage.

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  • Bruce Wells

    Bruce Wells Professor,  Saint Joseph's University

    Bruce Wells is professor in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. Wells is the author of The Law of Testimony in the Pentateuchal Codes (2004) and the co-author of Everyday Law in Biblical Israel (2009). 

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  • Steve Werlin

    Steve Werlin Freelance Writer and Editor,  

    Steve Werlin lives in New Haven, Connecticut, where he works as a freelance writer and editor and is active in local community initiatives.

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  • Ian Werrett

    Ian Werrett Associate Professor,  Saint Martin's University

    Ian Werrett is associate professor of religious studies and director of the Spiritual Life Institute at Saint Martin's University in Lacey, Washington. He specializes in the Hebrew Scriptures, the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient Judaism and early Christianity. Werrett is the author of Ritual Purity and the Dead Sea Scrolls (Brill Academic, 2007).

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